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We have a great buffalo special that we are offering in the Omay Region of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe with a top notch PH and operation. Here are the details:

7 days @ $1000 per day
Trophy fee $5000
Expect 35-40 inch solid boss

Including PHs and team
Transfer by road to camp and return to airport .
All food, accommodations, daily laundry and drinks while on safari
Rifle and ammunition if needed

Not included:
Private air charter
Accommodations before and after safari
Gratuities for PH and staff

Please contact us if you are interested in this hunt.

Thank you…

We have one leopard tag left in our concession in Zim. Take a look at the great tom they took 2 weeks ago! They have great cats here! This is a 14 day hunt, with plains game available as well.

We also have a package buff hunt. This is a 7 day hunt for 1 bull and 1 cow buff. Trophy fees are US$5000 for the bull and US$1500 for the cow. Here’s one of the heavy, hard bossed bulls they pulled out this month! Standard daily fees apply to this hunt.

Please contact us and let’s get you across the pond for some outstanding hunting!!

Thank you…leopard.jpgbuff.jpg

We’ve got three hunts available for this August for very old (12+ years), management bulls in South Africa. Cost of each hunt is $8500 USD all inclusive!! This is a huge savings over the typical dangerous game block hunts!! The bulls typically carry around 36″ of head gear. The area is next to Kruger in Hoedspruit, and the hunts are going to be three days in duration. If you’d like, we can add plains game to the menu as well. Please email us and let’s get you on a buff before the Summer’s over! Thanks…

We are looking for 4-5 hunters for a semi-guided Spring black bear hunt this May in a remote section of the Selway Wilderness in Idaho. This is 7 days of spot and stalk hunting multi- color phase bear. This is a beautiful, rugged area, and hunters must be in very good shape to get the most out of this hunt. You will earn your bear, that’s for sure! I’ve known the guide who will be working with you for more than 30 years. He’s all about client success, and will work his butt off to put you on a bear, that I will tell you! He will pre bait certain areas before the hunters arrive to help draw bears into those hunting territories. Because this is a very remote area, there is little or no local hunting pressure.

What’s really special about this hunt is the possibility of harvesting a wolf! And the best part is once you purchase your big game license for approximately $150, is that wolf tags are over the counter at $32!! Yes, $32!! There is no added trophy fee for shooting a wolf on this hunt, and last year two out of the five bear hunters in the Spring had opportunities on wolf. You can’t beat this deal!

The base camp is inaccessible to motorized vehicles. Typically hunters fly into Missoula Montana, take a short 45 min car ride to Hamilton Mont., and then take a 45-50 minute bush plane ride into the camp’s airstrip.

Cost of this bear hunt is $2500.00.

Please contact us if you’re interested in this fantastic hunt!!

We’ve got some great news on the non-trophy elephant hunt we’re offering this May in Zim (see previous blog for details). We have been able to reduce the price to $14,550!! That’s one helluva deal!! Phil Massaro and I will be hunting out of that camp the week before, so we’ll be leaving as you’re coming in. We’ll probably run into you at the airport in Joburg, if we do, drinks are on me!! A reminder that this special is for the following dates only: Arrival 5/8/15, departure 5/16/15; 7 days of hunting! Let’s make this happen!! Thank you…

The PH we’re working with in Africa has a non-trophy elephant, or buffalo hunt available in his Zimbabwe concession this Spring. Arrival date is 5/8/2015, departure date is 5/16/2015. 7 days of hunting @$1200 per day. Trophy fee for elephant is $6500; buffalo trophy fee is $5000. Transfer from Bulawayo to camp is $400. Park levy’s are $260 for elephant; $200 for buff. So you’re looking at $15,560 for elephant, and $14,000 for buffalo. This is a great concession in western Zim, next to Hwange National Park. Please contact us if you have any questions, would like more details, or would like to talk to the PH directly about this hunt…


From time to time, our outfitters will pass along specials, or have cancellations to offer. This is an opportunity for you to save a good chunk of money! Please leave an email address, and we will add you to our Specials list. We will then contact you when these opportunities arise.

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