We have one leopard tag left in our concession in Zim. Take a look at the great tom they took 2 weeks ago! They have great cats here! This is a 14 day hunt, with plains game available as well.

We also have a package buff hunt. This is a 7 day hunt for 1 bull and 1 cow buff. Trophy fees are US$5000 for the bull and US$1500 for the cow. Here’s one of the heavy, hard bossed bulls they pulled out this month! Standard daily fees apply to this hunt.

Please contact us and let’s get you across the pond for some outstanding hunting!!

Thank you…leopard.jpgbuff.jpg


From time to time, our outfitters will pass along specials, or have cancellations to offer. This is an opportunity for you to save a good chunk of money! Please leave an email address, and we will add you to our Specials list. We will then contact you when these opportunities arise.

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