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  • South Texas

Our outfitter has numerous South Texas ranches available to hunt. There are hunts for everything from 130 – 200+ inch whitetails, to trophy Aoudad and everything in between. He offers a large and varied menu of exotics such as Nilgai, Ibex, Tahr, and the list goes on and on! Some of these exotics, such as the Scimitar Horned Oryx and Black Buck are not huntable in their native environment.

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of what’s available to hunt.

I’d also like to mention an outstanding Javelina hunt our outfitter is offering. You get 2 days of guided Javelina hunting and the opportunity to harvest 2 Javelina. This gentleman has many years of 100% opportunity, and 100% success rate; he’ll make sure you get your chances! Includes transportation to and from Laredo International Airport, as well as to all hunt locations. Trophy fees, guide fees, hunting vehicle, lunch and drinks on hunting days, field care and transfer of trophies to a local taxidermist, as well as 3 days of prebaiting for the price of $1000 per hunter; with a minimum of two hunters. License ($45), accommodations, meals other than lunch, shipping of trophies and tips, are not included in this price. This is an unbelievable deal!! So grab a few buddies, get out of the Winter cold, and take a long weekend where it’s warm, and the Javelina plentiful!

Once again, please contact us for a complete list of what we have available to hunt. We would love to hear from you!



  • Alberta


Our outfitter offers trophy whitetail hunts in Alberta, Canada. These are wild, fair chase hunts with no fences and no baiting, just authentic hunts for big, Canadian deer.
Their whitetail hunts take place in the wild Canadian bush, north of Edmonton, Alberta. This area is a sportsman’s paradise. With great populations of whitetail deer and excellent age structures, this is one of the best places on earth to hunt trophy whitetails. In addition to deer, the area is teeming with other wildlife. Our clients often see bears, moose, elk and wolves on their deer hunt. Because the outfitter hunts free-ranging whitetails, they cannot guarantee each hunter a deer. But on average, clients can expect to see deer in the 150 to 160 inch range. Each year, between 10 and 20 percent of harvested deer score over 170 inches. In their best years, they’ve seen 30 percent of deer go over the 170 mark. This hunting area consistently produces mature deer with good mass.
On these whitetail hunts, you may have an opportunity at a wolf. Many clients see wolves and on average, about 20 percent of them have the opportunity to harvest one.

Please call or email us for prices and hunt availabilities…



  • British Columbia


Our British Columbia outfitter is located in the Cassier Mountains of northern BC. It is an expansive wilderness of 4,800 square miles just a short distance from the Yukon border. This is a fly-in area only; no vehicle access! You will fly into the main hunting lodge, pick up your license(s), and then leave for your specific hunting area.
This is a very remote area of BC, and experiences little or no resident hunting pressure whatsoever. Clients have a have a real chance at taking a B&C class animal for each species they book!


They offer the following species to hunt:

Stone Sheep
Grizzly Bear
Mountain Caribou
Mountain Goat

Please contact us for pricing and available dates for 2015


From time to time, our outfitters will pass along specials, or have cancellations to offer. This is an opportunity for you to save a good chunk of money! Please leave an email address, and we will add you to our Specials list. We will then contact you when these opportunities arise.

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