Mozambique       slide987e49           Mozambique - Our safari area is approximately 15 miles from the town of Marromeu, which is situated on the banks of the Zambezi river, in the river delta. This hunters paradise is almost 400 square miles of open safari area! This specific area is well known for its excellent Cape buffalo trophies. Hunting is done on foot in the traditional African safari way, using porters to recover the trophies and meat. Available to hunt: Buffalo Crocodile Baboon Bushbuck (Chobe) Bushpig Duiker Eland Hartebeest (Liechtenstein) Hippo (Currently Closed) Nyala Oribi Reedbuck Sable Suni (Livingston) Warthog Waterbuck Please call or email for prices...  
South Africa slide987e46           South Africa - We presently offer plains game hunting safaris in the Waterberg in the Limpopo province. The primary destination is situated to the north of Johannesburg International airport. It is a three hour drive from the airport, and is a Malaria free destination. Depending on the trophy you are seeking, we have other ranches available to give you the best opportunity for success. We currently have two plains game packages: 8 nights/ 7 days of hunting/ 6 animals or 6 nights/5 days of hunting/ 4 animals Available to hunt: Blesbuck Blue Wildebeest Buffalo Bull Buffalo Cow Bushbuck Bushpig Duiker Common Eland Gemsbok / Oryx Giraffe Impala Kudu Nyala Red Hartebeest Sable Steenbok Warthog Waterbuck Zebra (Burchell) Please call or email for prices and information. Let us help you plan your next South African safari!
Zimbabwe slide987e41           Zimbabwe - Our main Safari area is situated in the western part of Zimbabwe, next to Hwange National Park. The area is on privately owned land and depending on the species hunted, the effective area varies between 100 and 300 square miles! The vegetation is tree rich bushveld, varying from open terrain, to very thick bush. Available to hunt: Elephant Elephant (non trophy) Leopard Sable Buffalo Baboon Bushbuck Duiker (common) Eland Giraffe Heyna (spotted) Impala Klipspringer Kudu Reedbuck Warthog Waterbuck Zebra Please call or email for prices...

From time to time, our outfitters will pass along specials, or have cancellations to offer. This is an opportunity for you to save a good chunk of money! Please leave an email address, and we will add you to our Specials list. We will then contact you when these opportunities arise.

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